Packing Santa's Sleigh

  • Gareth Lawson
  • Tuesday, Dec 17, 2019
  • Tags: Scenario Modelling; Tools


Christmas is always a logistics nightmare for Santa. This interactive demonstration shows how a box packing algorithm could make Santa’s life easier, by minimising the number of trips he needs to deliver his presents.

Note: We know that in reality Santa has an infinitely large sleigh, but we are restricting it to make this problem a little more challenging.

Interactive Demonstration

  1. You can change the number of presents and the dimensions of Santa’s sleigh
  2. The algorithm fits the presents into the minimum number of trips for Santa
  3. You can review the number of presents on each trip and how they are stacked into the sleigh with the 3D viewer.

Practical Applications

Christmas comes but once a year, but box packing is useful all year round. Real-life applications can vary from order packing and logistics to optimising packing material use.

CAST provides targeted cost minimisation algorithms for any situation, with outcomes presented in easy to interpret formats.

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Sleigh Image Credit: Freepik