Christmas Present Delivery

  • Gareth Lawson
  • Monday, Dec 16, 2019
  • Tags: Scenario Modelling; Tools


Rudolph uses a Travelling Salesman Problem solver to find the shortest parcel delivery route for Santa. As his computation power is limited, sometimes he doesn’t find the optimal route.

Perhaps you can beat him at his own game?

Hands on Demo

  1. Set the number of towns that need to be visited in Santa’s Australian and New Zealand leg
  2. Drag and drop the order of towns to create a good delivery route
  3. Compare it to Rudolph’s route and see if you can make the leaderboard!

Practical Cost-Saving Applications

Christmas comes but once a year, but optimal routing saves costs all year round.

Real-life applications can vary from:

  • A politician visiting all areas of their constituency;
  • Ship/vehicle routes between ports/depots/customers;
  • Electronic circuit design; and
  • Workshop or warehouse job flow planning.

CAST provides cost minimisation algorithms for any situation, and presents results in an easy to interpret format. If you have a cost saving problem that needs our help, contact us at

Image Credit: FreePik